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SET doesn't MANAGE pain. . .
SET achieves Maximum Rehabilitation  FROM pain!

Imagine being able to resume normal life activities pain free!  This is the ultimate goal of Structural Energetic Therapy┬« (SET), the most efficient, effective long lasting rehabilitation from acute and chronic pain and dysfunction!
What sets Structural Energetic Therapy® apart from the rest?
The integration of:

Cranial/Structural Releases (not craniosacral) to initiate the unwinding of the structure out of the core distortion into long lasting balance providing structural support! (No other modality uses or teaches these techniques.)

Energetic healing techniques to release energetic and emotional blockages that create pain, distortions and dysfunction!
Specialized myofascial soft tissue protocols  to release myofascial holding patterns, scar tissue and adhesions that maintain distortions cause pain and dysfunction.


Treat your mind and body to a welcome dose of relaxation with our therapeutic massage services! From deep tissue to special prenatal massages, our team of licensed massage therapists will help ease tension in your muscles and your mind. Enjoy a soothing atmosphere with soft music, pleasant aromatherapy options, and the perfect amount of pressure. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and treat yourself to a spa day!

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